Asab Full Field Development

Client: Petrofac International Ltd.
Owner: Adco
Consultant Engineers: Genesis Oil & Gas Consultant
Project Value: 35,000,000
Period of Work: 22 months ending March 2013

Project scope: Mechanical & Piping Works for the Central Degassing and Remote Degassing Stations.

ADCO Full Field Development involved increasing production from all three SAS Fields, Sahil, Asab and Shah, and providing facilities to cater for their operation until 2040.

In particular, ASAB Field Development Project objective included:

– Upgrading production from 280 MBOPD to 345 MBOPD.

– Accept production from Sahil, Shah, and other fields of 255 MBOPD.

– Export peak of 720 MBOPD of stock tank crude oil from ASAB CDS.

– Install produced water handling facilities to cater for a peak of 300 MBWPD (Phase I).


Major Scope and Quantities Include:

  • 150,000 ID of Piping
  • 30 Hot Taps and 250 other Tie-Ins
  • 4,000 Tons of Steel Structure
  • 1,000 Tons of Static & Rotating Equipment erection